Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

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Morgan Del Monico smoke a cigarette!

copyright Pascal Pierrou

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Erika Linder for Malibu Mag. Photos by Jason Lee Parry.

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Amongst the leaf litter.


sexual orientation: not u

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sonic channel wallpapers ::

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female to muscle selfie
female to mentioning trans women of color
female to menstruation for ts
female to miserable around cis men but not the good queer ones whose desires you can project yourself into
female to machiavellian identity politics
female to mansplain 

female to mote surrounding a glass castle of emotion

female to mediocre rap career (ft. female to macklemore)

female to men’s rights activist

female to make up is only ever transgressive on me

female to Morrissey clone

female to maybe I can pull off a chinstrap

female to masturbation scientist

female to minor internet celebrity with dwindling social capital but some $weet speaking gigs

female to malevolent blogger

female to milhouse

female to magazine for even more irrelevant ftms

female to mistaken about wether I should reference anti-trans violence in this context

female to male privilege, except when female to my experience of socialization informs everything about my life

female to my peers inspire critique/competition/what’s the difference again?

female to mike funk gets me

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every single time i’m called by my birth name or misgendered i cringe and want to throw up a little bit

like it makes me actually physically sick

i’m used to it but that’s not a healthy thing to be used to

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